PT DAHANA held a Safety Talk entitle “Safety Review in 2023” in order to evaluate SHE performance at all project sites and to refresh all personnel in the operations department on factors that cause work accidents. The event was held on Thursday, January 18, 2024, chaired by the Director of Operations, Yusep Nugraha and speaker, SM DTU-1 Marketing and Operations Teja Sukmara, via zoom meeting, considering the large number of Site Projects that are spread almost throughout Indonesia.

During the talk, Mr Nugraha conveyed a message on the importance of managing technical and operational supervision consistently and systematically to ensure reliable performance of operational tools in order to maintain the trust of customers and all stakeholders.

“Allow me to remind DAHANA personnel in all operational activities to implement technical and operational supervision management consistently and systematically to make sure that DAHANA’s operational activities can run smoothly and increase customer trust,” said Mr Nugraha.

Mr Nugraha also said that in order to maintain the trust of customers and all stakeholders and keep operational activities running smoothly, there should be the awareness on the importance of management of technical and operational supervision in a consistent and systematic way.

Meanwhile, Mr Sukmara also conveyed the conditions of Occupational Safety and Health in the Indonesian mining world in 2022 and 2023 after the COVID-19 pandemic, and the changes in the culture of life in the era of social media and online applications which could possibly become a new threat to occupational safety and health if no relevant control is attempted. This is routinely carried out at the beginning of each as a way of learning lessons from previous years to ensure that there are no repeat disruptions or incidents that threaten safety. This should encourage the achievement of the zero accident target in all company business processes.

“Thank God, in 2023, the operational project site managed to carry out operational excellence by continuing to apply good and proper mining principles, amidst the trend of accidents in the mining world which is not going well. We also appreciate the support of top management which is sustainably committed to encouraging the implementation of SMKP and follow-up on non-compliance issues. This is unseparated from the hard work of supervisors and all employees at every level in term of reciprocal control and care on work safety and health,” said Mr Sukmara.

According to data from the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal in 2022 and 2023, Indonesian mining world was exposed to increasing the number of work accidents. Most mining accident categories have been the result of unit interactions, landslides, collapsing and sinking. In terms of workers, casualties of mining accidents are mostly workers with work experience of less than three years.

Data from the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal also shows that the major causes of mining accidents consist of personal and work factors. As for personal accidents, there were mining workers who lacked knowledge of the dangers of work, wrong motivation to pursue targets, as well as work fatigue factors; while from work factors, there has been poor quality of supervision, insufficient procedures, inadequate education and training, and some unidentified occupational hazards.

Mr Sukmara explained that based on sampling data at all project sites in the General Mining Division, there were 50% of project site employees with less than three years of service. Therefore, it is very important to increase the intensity of training, socialize procedures, optimize counselling sessions, and provide open media/facilities to facilitate the process of feedback communication from employees to superiors with regards unsafe conditions or reckless actions.

“Considering the trend of changes in online culture which has a big influence on employee lifestyles, every project site must review fatigue management and risk registers. Procedures and IK need to be socialized with a new approach through visualizations that are easy to understand, remember and access by optimizing Google Drive. On the other hand, to increase the level of understanding, direct practice or simulations must be frequently carried out,” concluded Mr Sukmara.