DAYAGEL® Seismik

DAYAGEL® Seismik

Great velocity of detonation, greater sensitivity and a longer shelf life
250g – 68%
500g – 65%


DAYAGEL® SEISMIK is a new product development from seismic explosives designed to enhance the performance of previous generations. DAYAGEL® SEISMIK has a good resistance to hydrostatic pressure and has a good performance for oil and gas mining exploration applications.

As a seismic explosive, in addition to the filling quality, the performance of DAYAGEL® SEISMIK is determined by the characteristics of the package design, in which the connections between the package are connected by large trapezoidal threads so that the connection between package installed in one series becomes more perfect.

Only one detonator used in the DAYAGEL® SEISMIK package design, so the explosive filling process is easy and guaranteed to be full. If it is necessary to use more than one detonator, additional detonators can be installed in other cartridges in one series.

Capwell is designed to minimize the unnecessary air gaps between the package. Cover on the ends of DAYAGEL® SEISMIK are reinforced to ensure explosives inside the package are completely sealed.

Seismic exploration aims to collect seismic data with high resolution for the purpose of interpretation of geological structure mapping and identification of accurate stratigraphic properties.

DAYAGEL® SEISMIK is the latest generation of seismic explosives. With the latest water-in-oil emulsion structure, this product was developed to be a seismic explosive which has a high Velocity of Detonation (VoD) and a longer shelf life.

Packaging Flexibility

DAYAGEL® SEISMIK is available in 500 g and 250 g packaging. The strong plastic package with screw coupling provides good flexibility of filling in the shot hole.

Sleeping Time

Sleeping time DAYAGEL® SEISMIK can be up to eight weeks in the wet blast hole. In dry holes, DAYAGEL® SEISMIK can still be initiated well several months after being inserted into the blast holes.

Excellent Water Resistance

DAYAGEL® SEISMIK has an excellent water resistance even when immersed in a moving water environment. DAYAGEL® SEISMIK is able to provide reliable energy even when placed in the wet blast holes with a depth up to 90 meters.

Safe Technology

DAYAGEL® SEISMIK is an emulsion-based explosive composed of quality raw materials with modern technology. DAYAGEL® SEISMIK has a very low sensitivity to mechanical impact or friction and shock. However, this product still has a good sensitivity to electric detonators No. 8 or higher.

Specifications and Performance

Velocity of Detonation

Min. 5000 m/s


Instantaneous El Deto. No. 8

Hydrostatic Head

90 m

Sleeping Time

8 weeks

Shelf Life

12 Months

Cartridges Density

1,19 – 1,23 g/ce


– Diameter

55 mm

– Length

205 mm

300 mm

– Weight

250 gram

500 gram


480 x 320 x 320 mm

Cartridges Per Box

60 ea

40 ea

Weight Per Box

15 kg

20 kg

Dayagel Seismik