Low density explosives open pit and quarry mining
65% (est.)


Dawagel is a watergel explosive which is designed for use in open pit & quarry mining with the advantage of having a low density. Dawagel has the property of being able to maintain a form (gel) that is not soluble in water so that it can overcome blast holes with hollow structures, but not for cave structures. Dawagel is a blasting agent for use in dry and damp blast holes. The low density and high explosion speed will allow the operational cost of blasting to be reduced.


  1. Dawagel is a bulk explosive which is a mixture of Watergel and DANFO
  2. The minimum recommended priming is to use Pentolite Booster or Dayagel®. Blasting with downlines is not recommended to use this
  3. Dawagel can be used in blast holes of up to 12 meters (consult DAHANA for deeper holes).
  4. Make sure the primer is submerged in Dawagel in the blast
  5. Dawagel has up to seven days of sleeping time in dry


Dawagel is a blasting agent containing an oxidizing agent which can be initiated by heat. Dawagel should be stored away from contaminants or other combustible materials.

Transport, Storage and Handling

Dawagel should be stored in drums/ storage tanks in warehouses specially designed for type E explosives with a classification of 1.5 D. Dawagel can be stored for two months at a temperature <40oC & Humidity <90%, and avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Keep material separate from contaminants and other combustible materials. Transportation, handling, and use of Dawagel must comply with local, provincial and state regulations concerning explosives.

Technical Characterization

Density (g/cc) 0,80 – 0,90
Energy (MJ/kg) 3,0 – 3,2
Relative Weight Strength (RWS) 81,52 – 86,96
Relative Bulk Strength (to ANFO) 81,52 – 97,83
Velocity of Detonation (m/s) 3.500 – 4.500
(ft/s) 11.483 – 14.764
Pressure Detonation (Kbar) 24,5 – 45,6
Resistance to Water Poor
Minimum Diameter (mm) 75
(Inch) 3
Loading Method Pumping

Hazard Classification

Dawagel is available in the packaging of Class 1.5 D with UN Number 0332.
UN No. (Class/Division) 0332(1.5D)/ Explosive Type E
Shipping Name Dawagel