Non-cap sensitive free flowing explosive based on ammonium nitrate and fuel oil



Non-cap Sensitive explosive based on ammonium nitrate and fuel oil.


DANFO® is a blasting agent that is non-sensitive to initiation detonator no. 8 and is very suitable for use in dry holes in open pits and underground blasting operations. DANFO® has very low sensitivity to mechanical influences. This criterion of insensitivity to mechanical influences is a very important feature of this product. In the event that DANFO® left-over is to be disposed of by burning, kindly consult with DAHANA’s Explosives Technical Specialist or the local agency appointed according to law for method of destruction.


DANFO® is designed to generate large amounts of energy and is used as column charges in open pits and underground blasting operations in mines, quarries and other blasting works with dry bore characteristics.

Recommendations For Use

  • Dry Hole Blasting DANFO® has very weak water resistance. Water in the wet hole must be pumped out and drained.
  • Priming DANFO® is designed as a non-cap sensitive explosive and will deliver maximum and efficient energy when initiated with Dayaprime® Pentolite Booster or a cap sensitive Emulsion Explosive such as Dayagel®
  • Charging DANFO® is inserted into the shot hole using a pneumatic loader or directly poured from the package.
  • Packaging DANFO® packaging is made from polyethylene liner with woven polypropylene for outer packaging and is available in 25-kg size.

Storage and Handling

Like other hygroscopic explosives, the quality of the product will depend on the condition of the packaging. In the event that DANFO® packaging is damaged, the contents of the product are affected by the degree of packaging damage and the characteristics of the atmospheric climate, especially the humidity level. Avoid Friction and Collision Store and keep away from sources of heat or ignition and other chemical.

Technical Properties


Blasting Agent

Type Of Explosives

Non Cap sensitive


Free Flowing Prills


Cast Booster Cartridged Emulsions Explosives or Equivalent

Water Resistance


Bulk Density (gr/cc)

0.8 – 0.84

Critical Diameter Borehole (Inch)


VOD (m/s) in 25” diameter confined Borehole

3000 – 4000



Weight in Bags Net (kg)


Storage Life (Month)