PT DAHANA called an assembly commemorate OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) Month. The assembly was the beginning of a series of activities commemorating OHS month at the explosives company. PT DAHANA’s Director of Technology & Development, Suhendra Yusuf RPN led the assembly which was held at Bale DAHANA, Subang, on Tuesday, January 16, 2024.

In his speech, Mr Yusuf conveyed that PT DAHANA as an industry operating in the field of explosives with high occupational risks is highly very aware of the importance of OHS culture. Therefore, as an effort to increase awareness of OHS culture, a National OHS Month commemoration event was held with involvement of various parties. This OHS month commemoration is annually held from January 12 – February 12 with the hope of increasing worker’s awareness and reducing the number of accidents in the Company.

“This year, the Ministry of Manpower is carrying the theme Cultivate OHS, for Healthy and Safe Work, and Maintain Business Sustainability as the main theme of OHS Month, with the hope that this theme can be consistently applied in all industrial sectors including at PT DAHANA,” said Mr Yusuf.

Mr Yusuf added that the policy is directed to continuation of the National OHS vision which is ‘Indonesian Community Independence with a Sustainable OHS Culture’ which encourages OHS to become a culture in the workplace and motivates Indonesian people to be more independent in the OHS culture, and therefore the goal of OHS is to create a safe, healthy and comfortable workplace with zero accidents to help increasing national productivity.

In addition to that, Mr Yusuf Suhendra also mentioned that PT DAHANA is equipped with superior OHS programs which are designed to encourage performance improvement and reduce the number of accidents in the Company.

These programs include DAHANA’s OHS and Environmental Culture, Creation & Upgrade of mobile HSE applications as a means of Hazard Reporting & Observation for employees, Simulation modeling of potential risks posed by the Company business process activities, the sturdy building and embankment structures, Reliability Engineering Simulation & Computation to predict average failure and damage time for factory and design equipment, Joint Emergency Response Simulation involving external parties, Application of Life Cycle Analysis to support the Roadmap for achieving GREEN PROPER in future programs, and other routine activities such as General Safety Talk, Internal Audit, Implementation of SMKP, 5R implementation, and Safety Patrol.

Meanwhile, Acting VP of PT DAHANA EMC Dadan Munawar said that DAHANA declared the Quality, Health, Work Safety and Environment Policy (QHSE Policy) as its commitment to building, implementing and maintaining QHSE management system. PT DAHANA’s commitment to preventing accidents, improving health quality and protecting the environment is measured by implementation of HSE Key Performance indicators such as zero accidents, zero occupational illness and zero environmental pollution by means of implementation of safe, healthy and environmentally friendly work.

“Hopefully, following this event, all PT DAHANA employees will grow more concern and enthusiasm on implementation of Occupational Health and Safety both for themselves and their environment, because safety is everyone’s business,” said Mr Munawar.