Dahana Bulk Emulsion Explosives (DABEX®)

High initiating energy optimal blasting efficiency



DABEX® is a waterproof emulsion-based bulk explosive designed to produce high energy and is easy to apply in mining, quarrying and other blasting jobs. This product has been formulated for use in wet/ watery holes, where a water-resistant explosive charge is required and can be loaded in holes of at least 75 mm diameter.


DABEX® can be used directly or in combination with DANFO® Gassing DABEX® allows to control the final product density, detonation pressure, explosive strength and gas volume.


With the ability to control density through the gassing process, it is possible to vary the density of the final product of DABEX® mixture in the holes according to the needs of the blasting environment. With optimized bulk explosives loading strength, blasting costs can be kept to a minimum.


DABEX® is designed with a balanced combination of oxidizing and reducing agents (Zero Oxygent Balance) and has excellent explosive fume characteristics so this product is very suitable for use in underground or surface operations.

DABEX® is a non-cap sensitive matrix, not sensitive to the initiation of detonator No. 8 and has a very low sensitivity to mechanical impact.

When exposed to fire, DABEX® will self-extinguish unless there is a strong external heat source. Although DABEX does not burn easily, it must be kept away from fire or excessive heat.

If the spilled DABEX® will be disposed by burning, the appropriate method of disposal can be requested from the DAHANA Explosives Technical Specialist or from the local agency designated by the law.

Recommendation for Use


DABEX® is formulated to be a non-cap sensitive matrix and will

provide energy and efficiency when initiated by a booster/primer.

The recommended priming method on DABEX is using Pentolite Booster based on TNT/PETN or DAYAGEL® EXTRA.

Detonating Cord Effect

The use of detonating cord downlines is not recommended. If a detonating cord is used and the column height is more than 5 m, a double primer must be installed at the top and bottom of the charge.


DABEX® is designed to be pumped using a Mobile Manufacturing Truck (MMT®) and can be loaded via a flexible loading hose that can be lowered into the bottom of the blast hole.

Sleep Blast

DABEX® has a sleeping time up to one month in a dry holes. Meanwhile, in wet holes with flowing water condition, the sleeping time of this product can reach two weeks. The product performance is influenced by many factors such as the diameter of hole, primer/booster conditions, groundwater and product density. The users of this product are requested to immediately consult DAHANA if unusual conditions are found.


DABEX® is available in bulk by filling into the blast hole using a Mobile

Manufacturing Truck (MMT®) as a package service of PT DAHANA.

Storage and Handling

Store DABEX® in a well-ventilated area licensed for Class 1.5 D explosives.

DABEX has a storage period of up to six months in recommended places.

Avoid friction and collision. Store in a well-ventilated area, away from sources of heat or ignition, and other chemicals.

If there is uncertainty regarding the condition and performance of the product, please consult DAHANA Explosives Technical Specialist.

Spills and Disposal

Remove as much product as possible and clean the area thoroughly. Prevent liquid from entering the sewer or drainage system.

Dispose spills on approved sites or consult the explosives manufacturer and dispose according to the Local Waste Disposal Authority.

Technical Specifications


Sensitized Density (g/cc)

1.15 ± 0.05

Emulsion Content (Vol %)

60 – 100

Energy (MJ/kg at 0.1 Mpa)

2.6 – 3.3

RWS (% to ANFO) (1.15 g/cc)

71 – 90

RBS (% to ANFO) (1.15 g/cc)

102 – 135

VOD at various condition (m/s)

4000 – 5500

Min. Recommended Hole Diameter (mm)


Water Resistance