Related Services

Aside from engaging in its main business lines, DAHANA also provide services related to explosives such as explosive demolition service, mobilization, magazine/bunker services and explosives handling consultation services.

Loading and Hauling Services

DAHANA ofers Loading – Hauling services at front loading locations, or locations of dredging/digging, loading and transport of materials for flling or disposal area. DAHANA is experienced in Loading and Hauling work for the construction sector in the Banten 1×660 MW Power Generation Land Preparation Project, and Power Generation 9&10 and Cut and Fill of 2×1000 MW Project, and the Cisumdawu Toll Road Package 4 Development Project.


Dahana provides accessories for explosives to support blasting operations. These accessories include electric detonators, plain detonators, non-electric detonators, boosters, safety fuses, detonating cords.

Building Demolition

DAHANA’s technical team has the capability to do the project of demolishing unused buildings. The blasting which requires high level of accuracy is handled by skilled personnel experienced in the construction sector & explosive, therefore the demolition can be carried out safely.

Explosives Disposal

Explosive already exceeding their life cycle must be destroyed because they are uneconomical and dangerous. DAHANA has the technology and experienced personnel to carry out safe and effective demolition so they would not harm the environment.

Explosives Mobilisation

Explosives mobilization is high risk activity and has to be managed properly and safely by using appropriate methods and technologies. DAHANA provides explosive delivery service from the supplier’s magazine to the end user’s magazine, vice versa. DAHANA also provides services for explosive importatiom and expostation.

Explosives Magazine

DAHANA provides safe magazine facilities to store explosive and other accessories. Strategic magazine locations are available in Subang, Tasikmalaya, Banjarmasin, and Samarinda whic have been completed with good security standard in accordance with the industrial standards and large capacity to store explosives, detonators, and accessories. Storing explosives, detonators and accessories.

Consultation Service

Effective and safe blasting requires careful design and planning, as well as professional execution in accordance with the plan. DAHANA provides consultation for blasting activities and other related matters, especially to attain economical blasting. We provide the best solutions for our clients.