Dahana Bulk Emulsion Explosives (DABEX®) FRG

Use for reactive ground



DABEX® FRG (for reactive ground) is a water resistant bulk explosives designed for use general blasting where reactive ground conditions exist.This product has been formulated for use in a wet blast hole where a water resistant explosive charging is required and can be loaded into a 75 mm diameter hole, depending on emulsion content and holes depth.

DABEX® FRG can be used directly or blends with DANFO®. Gassing of the DABEX® FRG provides controlled modification of the final blended product density, detonation pressure, explosive strength and gas volume.

The ability to control density through the gassing process allows the density of DABEX® FRG emulsion blends to be varied across the blast hole according to the needs of the blasting environment. Blasting costs can be kept to a minimum as bulk explosive loading strengths are optimized.

Features and Benefits

  1. DABEX® FRG has excellent blast fume
  2. DABEX® FRG will produce maximum energy and efficiency when initiated by a high explosive booster/primer. The recommended priming method for DABEX® FRG is using Pentolite Booster or Dayagel
  3. Detonating cord downlines are not If detonating cord is used, double priming at the top and bottom of the explosive
  4. DABEX® FRG has been designed to be pumped using MMT® and can be loaded through a flexible loading hose lowered to the bottom of the blast
  5. DABEX® FRG have sleeping time in dry or wet holes up to 14 days. Since product performance is dependent on factors such as, but not limited to, holes diameter, priming conditions, ground water and product density, DAHANA’s personnel should be consulted if unusual conditions


DABEX® FRG is a non-cap sensitive matrix, not sensitive to initiation a detonator No. 8 and has a very low mechanical impact sensitivity.

If exposed to fire, DABEX® FRG will self-extinguished unless a vigorous external source of heat is applied. Although DABEX® FRG does not burn easily, it should be kept clear of flame or excessive heat.

If the spilled DABEX® FRG will be destroyed by burning, advice on the correct method should be asked to DAHANA’s Explosives Technical Specialists or from the local explosives’ statutory authority.

Transport, Storage, and Handling

DABEX® FRG is available in bulk condition by filling into the blast hole using a Mobile Manufacturing Truck (MMT®) as a package service for PT DAHANA.


DABEX® FRG should be stored in a well-ventilated warehouse for

Type E explosives classified as 1.5D.

DABEX® FRG can be stored up to six months in the recommended places.

Avoid friction and impact. Store in a well-ventilated room, away from sources of heat, ignition and other chemicals.


If there is uncertainty regarding the condition and performance of the product, please consult with DAHANA Explosive Technical Specialist.

Technical Specifications


Sensitized Density (g/cc)

1.15 ± 0.05

Emulsion Content (%vol)

60 – 100

Energy (MJ/kg at 0.1 MPa)

2.6 – 3.3

RWS (% to ANFO) (1.15 g/cc)

71 – 90

RBS (% to ANFO) (1.15 g/cc)

102 – 135

VOD at various condition (m/s)

4.000 – 5.000

Min. Recommended Hole Diameter (mm)


Water Resistance


Dabex FRG