In order provide competence and improve insight and knowledge on explosives manufacturers to education and training participants, the National Police Intelligence Education Center visited the DAHANA Central Management Office, Subang, on Monday, March 14, 2022.


Police Commissioner Mulya Adriano as instructor of Training and Development of Non-Commissioned Officer for Intelligence Administration Service, Batch 2,  for Fiscal Year 2022, said that 26 students from various provinces in Indonesia attended, along with instructors who were supervisors, stewards, and safety of explosives in the environment. He also hoped that this meeting can initiate  communication between the training participants and DAHANA.


“We intend to build friendships, establish cooperation, and carry out programs to increase insight, knowledge, and provide a real picture of the production of explosives for commercial, non-military, and military needs, both at home and abroad,” said Mr Mulya.


Mr Mulya also said that the Indonesian Police Training Center Chief, who was unable to attend,  hoped that this meeting could improve the quality of competence of individuals and operational units in the field of services and licensing of explosives, knowledge of producers, distributors, and the introduction of various types of explosives.


“To make sure it contributes to indirect security, through explosives administration services, and early prevention of the illegal distribution and use of explosives. To realize this wish, I hope that this gathering and opportunity can be a medium of establishing sustainable cooperation and contribution, especially in term of the establishment of personal and official relationships,” said Mr Mulya.


Mr Mulya and his entourage were warmly welcomed by the Corporate Secretary of DAHANA, Bayu Anggoro. DAHANA welcomed the visit of the Police Intelligence Training Center group by involving the best young millennial generation in the company to exchange ideas and introduce explosives products to the training participants.


“Thank you for coming. Let’s learn together. We are very happy that the Police Intelligence Training Center is here,” said Mr Anggoro.


Bayu also explained that DAHANA together with PT Len Industri (Persero) as the holding parent, as well as PINDAD, PAL, and PTDI, have now joined the Defense Industry Holding–Defend ID–and will carry out a grand launching of holding at PT DAHANA which is planned to be inaugurated by Indonesian President Joko Widodo, Minister of Defense, and the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises.