The Youth ExploSive (YES) board, which has just replaced the old board, held a Millennial Talk intended to browse ideas from DAHANA’s millennial generation to maximize the company’s full potential. Tegar Pangestu Roberto, Management Trainee (MT) in the Legal & Corporate Communications Division, became the first millennial to have the opportunity to carry out his idea under title “Commercialization of Bale DAHANA, Is it Possible?” which was held through a zoom meeting on Thursday, March 10, 2022.


Adella Acqha Vico Addina, Head of Youth ExploSive in her speech said that on the occasion of the first Millennial Talk under her leadership, the seniors became panelists who responded and provided input on ideas submitted by the millennials brought about ideas.


“First thing first,  we wish to provide space for DAHANA’s Millennials to convey their ideas directly which will later get input from seniors, so as to reduce the knowledge gap about the company between DAHANA’s millennials and seniors,” said Miss Addina.


In his presentation, Mr Roberto said that in Subang Regency there are many opportunities to respond to demands for venues for large activities or performances, and DAHANA has the potential to obtain other income from rent out of company assets.


“One of them is by utilizing existing facilities, such as Bale DAHANA which has a capacity of 2000 people, with an area of ​​​​approximately 3000 meters, which is equipped with facilities and a large parking area, making it suitable for activities such as graduations, weddings, seminars, sports and other activities,” said Mr Roberto.


Mr Roberto has also mapped out the company’s opportunities with the use of Bale DAHANA. According to data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Subang Districts in Subang Regency issued 15,259 marriage certificates, with 842 schools. Subang only has five star hotels, and there are only five buildings with halls that could accommodate large events.


According to Mr Roberto, Bale DAHANA’s target market in Subang is very large as Bale DAHANA, which is planned to start commercialization in mid-2022, can be used by government agencies, employee relations networks, schools, universities, or companies in Subang.


“However, not only buildings rent, we can also create an Event Organizer division to meet market demands in case they need building rentals as well as decorations. The profit from the commercialization of the DAHANA Bale can be used for the maintenance and care of the DAHANA Bale itself,” added Mr Roberto.


The ideas was also appreciated by the panelists, one of whom was the Acting Head of Indonesian Labour Association Agus Setiawan. He welcomed this millennial idea and provided insight for further related studies on Bale DAHANA with detailed planning analysis with SWOT analysis to make sure that Bale DAHANA’s commercialization can run in an optimum way.