PT DAHANA’s Tataliwargi provided assistance for stunting alleviation and donation for orphans to several locations in Subang Regency. The group led by the Chairperson of Tataliwargi Besty Yulia Puspasari departed from the DAHANA Campus on Monday morning, January 8, 2024.

Miss Puspasari said that as an association of DAHANA’s employee’s wives, the organization she leads has the same concern for society as shown by the Company. Therefore, Tataliwargi is also trying to help the community by means of stunting alleviation activities and donation orphans.

“Stunting is one of the fundamental problems faced in Indonesia. Stunting can hinder children’s growth and development both in terms of physical and cognitive abilities. Therefore, we are trying to help each other so that the community, especially around the company, can be free from stunting,” said Miss Puspasari.

From the Subang Campus, the group first departed to the Cibogo Community Health Center to provide additional nutrition to toddlers and pregnant women to help prevent stunting in Cibogo sub-district, in hoping that children in Cibogo sub-district can be stunting-free and grow healthy and strong.

After that, the group moved to the Al Muzakki Islamic Boarding School in Majasari Village, Cibogo District, Subang Regency. There, DAHANA’s Tataliwargi handed over donation for orphans, and basic necessities for the needs of students studying at the Al Muzakki Islamic Boarding School.

Then, Tataliwargi finalised their trip by visiting the Nurul Iman Islamic Boarding School in Cikareo, Subang. The Tataliwargi team also delivered donation to orphans and basic necessities to the students. Miss Puspasari hoped that the assistance provided by Tataliwargi can increase students lerningg enthusiasm.

“We hope that today’s activities can help the community, especially in efforts to realize zero stunting in Subang, as well as encourage the students at Islamic boarding schools in Subang Regency,” said Miss Puspasari.