A ritual that is commonly carried out by humans when welcoming the new year is making resolutions. DAHANA millennial Angga Indrayana, BMB Site Project Supervisor, is no exception. Mr Indrayana talked about his reflections during 2023 and a handful of hopes for this New Year.

In 2023, Mr Indrayana learned many new things out of the company environment, social media, and even from his colleagues. Among the various new knowledge he gained, he emphasized the importance of mental health in living life as a young person in the midst of a fast-paced life.

“In 2023, I became increasingly aware of the importance of mental health. It turns out that not only the physical health needs to be healthy. With an unhealthy mental condition, the body will also feel the pain. “Therefore, taking care of my mental health is an act of self-love,” said Mr Indrayana.

Apart from that, in 2023 while he was working at DAHANA, he found himself get increasingly multitasked in carrying out the various tasks. He said that the demands of multitasking are very beneficial for his development as a young person. He hoped that his multitasking skills can be useful for navigating life.

As a young person who works at the Indonesian explosives mecca company, Mr Indrayana hoped that in 2024, DAHANA can go international, not only in terms of supports for the supply of explosives, but also DAHANA’s services from drilling & blasting to loading & hauling that can also be utilized by consumers abroad.

Even though he has learned many things since starting his career at DAHANA, Angga is still craving for more challenges to increase skills and knowledge. He also hoped that, in 2024 the company can provide scholarships for further education, either at a higher level or short courses abroad in order to deepen their knowledge on explosives.

“It is my hope that in 2024 DAHANA can send young people to school or training abroad for comparative studies and seek deeper knowledge about the blasting industry, so that these millennials, who are said to be more technologically literate, can come up with top improvements for DAHANA’s future development,” concluded Mr Indrayana.