PT DAHANA handed over Waste Disposal Machines (MPS) to Padaasih village administration, in Cibogo district in Subang. The charity was a collaboration between DAHANA, BRIN, and the Subang State Polytechnic majoring in mechanical engineering through community service activities. The MPS-100 handover ceremony was attended by Village Secretary Asep Sutarna in Bale Padaasih Village, Cibogo, Subang, West Java on Thursday, December 28, 2023.

Head of PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) unit, Eman Suherman, said that the waste issues in Subang must be addressed collaboratively, both by the government, academics and the community by utilising appropriate technology that can be implemented in the environment. This is because waste exposes dangers to health and the environment if not managed properly.

“It’s time to stop blaming each other regarding waste management in Subang. We must work hand-in-hand to handle the waste problem in Subang Regency. We hope that this MPS-100 can be managed well and can be used in replication in each neighbourhood unit in Padaasih Village, and finally becomes a model for waste management for other villages in Subang,” said Mr Suherman.

As is known, waste is often a crucial problem in society. Waste production continues to occur every day. Without good waste management, waste will become a source of disaster and disease. For example, waste dumped into sewages will cause flooding.

Mr Sutarna expressed his gratitude for DAHANA’s concern for waste management in Subang Regency, especially in Padaasih Village, Cibogo District. According to him, the MPS-100 tool is very important in reducing waste in the area as the government currently only has limited means of waste transportation to the final disposal sites.

Mr Sutarna assured DAHANA team that the village his will make use of the MPS-100 tool and properly maintain the device to make sure MPS-100 can be benefitted by all residents of Padaasih Village, especially for creating a clean and comfortable environment which is free of waste.

“We, as representatives of the Padaasih Village government, would like to express our gratitude to DAHANA for providing the MPS-100 equipment as an effort to deal with waste in Padaasih Village. We wish DAHANA success and prosperity, so that it can always share goodness with the community, especially those around the company,” said Mr Sutarna.