PT DAHANA took the 2023 Mining Safety Management System (SMKP) Internal Audit at the JBRM site from 20 to 22 December, 2023. Audit results were presented online via zoom meeting on Wednesday, 10 January 2024.

Teja Sukmara, DTU-1 Senior Marketing and Operations Manager said that the SMKP audit is a very vital management control tool to determine the extent of consistency in implementation of Occupational Health and Environmental Safety principles at each Project Site, considering that blasting activity is an activity with high risk.

“According the results of the SMKP internal audit, DAHANA JBRM site obtained a score of 74.45% with the finding of major criteria of eight sub-elements, and minor criteria of 35 sub-elements. We urge each site to immediately follow up on non-compliance with SMKP implementation by setting priorities for resolution based on the high risk, while giving awards for consistently maintained implementation achievements,” said Mr Sukmara.

The internal audit of the SMKP of DAHANA JBRM site was carried out based on the Technical Instructions of the Director General of Mineral and Coal, Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources number 185.k/37.04/DJB/2019 on “Technical Instructions for the Implementation of Mining Safety and Implementation of Assessment and Reporting on Mineral and Coal Mining Safety Management Systems”.

As the Mecca for Indonesian explosives, DAHANA is committed to workers’ and environmental safety in each of its operation. The Company has implemented various strategies such as organization of monthly safety talks, monthly SMKP follow-up meetings and 5-minute meetings (P5M) every day prior to carrying out mining operations.

In addition to that, DAHANA has also equipped its employees with reporting through the Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) application, which aims to reduce reporting inconsistencies, increase reporting participation, and mobilize collective action in the Health, Work Safety and Environment sector.

“We hope that DAHANA people can remain consistent in implementation of SMKP at their respective sites, to make sure that they can increase stakeholder confidence in term of implementation of the Company’s operational activities,” concluded Mr Sukmara.