PT DAHANA held a socialization on the Anti-Bribery Management System (SMAP) in commemoration of World Anti-Corruption Day (Harkodia) 2023. The event was officially opened by the Deputy Chair of the DAHANA Anti-Bribery Compliance Task Force (FKAP) Juli Jajuli via zoom meeting on Wednesday, 12 December 2023.

In his speech, Mr Jajuli conveyed that this year the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) of the Republic of Indonesia is carrying the theme “Synergy to Eradicate Corruption, for an Advanced Indonesia” as a step to invite the public to participate in eradication of corruption, especially for the business world which is the main factor that always comes with initiatives.

Mr Jajuli added that the word ‘synergy’ includes cooperation that involves the all parties’ participation in efforts to eliminate acts of corruption. This reflects the spirit of creating an anti-bribery culture within PT DAHANA.

PT DAHANA has had the SMAP ISO 37001:2016 certificate since 2020 and is now in the process of recertification with the aim of increasing understanding and awareness of anti-bribery among all DAHANA people not only in office interactions but also in the implementation in daily interactions.

“The SMAP at PT DAHANA is an indicator of the percentage of implementation results that have been since 2020, and therefore becomes a reflection in the future for continuous implementation of SMAP not only by colleagues who are members of the FKAP team but also by all the people of PT DAHANA>,” concluded Mr Jajuli.

During the SMAP socialization, Fajar Pratama – Assistant Manager for Legal and Corporate Governance explained the structure of PT DAHANA’s Anti-Bribery Compliance Function and its duties, the Implementation of Anti-Bribery Controls by the Company and its Business Partners, as well as Guidelines for Controlling Gratifications, Gifts, Generosity, Donations, and Other Similar Benefits.

In addition, Mr Pratama Fajar explained about the Bribery & Gratification Control Unit which is under FKAP and chaired by the Legal & Corporate Governance Manager that is responsible for carrying out supervisory and coaching functions related to gratification control in the Company. This also includes reporting mechanisms, reporting benefits and the Company’s commitment to protection of whistleblowers.