PT DAHANA signed the Collaboration Implementation Plan with the Mechanical Engineering Department of Subang State Polytechnic for manufacture of 100 units of waste disposal machines (WDM) in 2023. The signing was carried out by the Head of PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Eman Suherman with Aditya Nugraha, Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Subang State Polytechnic at the Subang State Polytechnic Campus on Wednesday, December 6 2023.

Mr Suherman said that the collaboration between PT DAHANA and Subang State Polytechnic was the company’s effort to be actively involved in bringing solution to environmental problems in the Subang area, especially the problem of waste disposal by manufacturing 100 units of waste disposal machines (WDM) which is an applicable technology of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN).

“PT DAHANA is again building collaborations with educational institutions, this time with the Mechanical Engineering Department of Subang State Polytechnic for the making 100 units of waste disposal machines. This is a form of PT DAHANA’s commitment to be involved in solving problems faced by the community, such as waste management,” said Mr Suherman.

In the Collaboration Implementation Plan, Subang State Polytechnic is tasked with making the MPS 100 equipment, creating Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) for the operation and maintenance of the equipment, and transferring the MPS 100 technology to the community. Meanwhile, PT DAHANA’s SER is responsible for providing supporting facilities to the Subang State Polytechnic.

Mr Suherman also explained that the collaborative work with educational institutions has many benefits, such as providing the chance for students to carry out research and community service programs and instil the value of environmental awareness in future generations.

PT DAHANA has previously collaborated in Pentahelix with Cibogo Vocational School and BRIN in manufacturing of waste disposal machines and wished to continue this success by expanding cooperation and targeting beneficiary communities. The machines produced by the Subang State Polytechnic will be given to people in five villages in Cibogo District.

“Earlier, we also monitored the progress of the manufacture of MPS 100. The machines produced by students of the Mechanical Engineering Department of Subang Polytechnic are to be given to the community through the village administration office in Cibogo District. Hopefully the work can be completed on time and will ultimately bring benefits to the community,” concluded Mr Suherman.