PT DAHANA supplied sacrificial animals to the Subang and Tasikmalaya communities. The handover which was in anticipation to the Eid al-Adha 1445 was led by SM Legal and Corporate Communications of DAHANA Juli Jajuli accompanied by the Head of DKM Al Akhdar Ismail Kurbani in Subang, Friday, June 14, 2024.

In his remarks, Mr Jajuli said that the supply of sacrificial animals is DAHANA and DAHANA employee’s annual agenda. This is the Company’s form of gratitude and concern towards the surrounding community.

“The distribution of sacrificial animals to the community is also an expression of the Company’s gratitude for all of DAHANA’s progress and development. Therefore, we also ask for prayers from the community so that DAHANA can progress further, and ultimately more and more people will see the benefits of the Company,” said Mr Jajuli.

For Eid al-Adha 1445 H, DAHANA managed to get 21 sacrificial animals consisting of 2 cows and 19 sheep. The slaughtering of cows and distribution of beef is planned to be centered at the Al Akhdar DAHANA Mosque, while the sheep will be distributed to several villages around the company, as well as through several DAHANA stakeholder institutions.

Chairman of Al Akhdar Mosque Council Ismail Kurbani explained that this year the sacrificial animals will not only be distributed in Subang, but also in Tasikmalaya. This suggests that DAHANA is a company that always remembers the history of its journey which was once headquartered in Tasikmalaya.

“Allow us to express our deepest gratitude to DAHANA employees, and also the Company. We hope that with this sacrifice, we can learn as much as possible to care for others, and be able to sacrifice for mutual progress,” said Mr Kurbani.

Furthermore, Mr Kurbani also hoped that the sacrifices made by the Company and its employees can bring their own blessings for the progress of DAHANA and the welfare of employees in the future.

Meanwhile, Commander of 05/01 Subang Military Region, Captain ARM Muhammad Saprudin representing the community and Cibogo District Leaders expressed his gratitude for the assistance of sacrificial animals provided by DAHANA. Mr Saprudin hoped that DAHANA’s the supply of sacrificial animals can bring blessings to the community in welcoming Eid al-Adha 1445 H.