PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit donated a set of water pumps to the Subang Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD). The assistance was handed over by SER Supervisor Enok Elia to the Chief Executive of Subang BPBD Udin Jazudin at the Subang BPBD Office, Friday, September, 22 2023.

Miss Elia said that Subang is currently being hit by drought with some land and forest fires in several locations. PT DAHANA, as a company that is committed to community safety and security, is taking part in prevention and treatment efforts by donating water pumps to Subang BPBD.

“PT DAHANA is committed to progressing and developing together with the community, especially those around the Company’s vicinity, namely the Subang community. Learning the condition of Subang which is facing a prolonged drought disaster which the potential to cause fires, PT DAHANA provides assistance in the form of a set of water pumps to the Subang BPBD. “We hope that the water pump assistance can make it easier to deal with drought on agricultural land and prevent possible land and forest fires in Subang,” explained Miss Elia.

In a separate location, Subang Regent Ruhimat said that Subang Regency had no rain for three months which cause widespread drought in the Subang area. Residents who have depended on agricultural products for their livelihoods have been effected. In addition to that, the drought has also caused Subang residents to have difficulty accessing clean water.

“Rain had not fallen in Subang Regency for the last three months. The prolonged dry season has not only caused the rice fields in the north coast to dry out, but also prevented residents from getting clean water,” said Mr Ruhimat during the Istisqa Prayer at Subang Square (22/9/23).

Meanwhile, Mr Jazudin expressed his gratitude to DAHANA for caring for the community by donating the water pumps. He hoped that PT DAHANA’s donation can be an example for other companies operating in Subang Regency.

“Thank you for the assistance of the water pumps from PT DAHANA. Hopefully this can help overcome drought disasters and prevent forest and land fires in the Subang area. “Drought has hit some rice fields in the north of Subang, and several land fires have occurred since early September 2023. We hope that PT DAHANA can continue to synergize with BPBD in preventing and managing disasters in Subang. May PT DAHANA always be successful and blessed,” concluded Mr Jazudin.