PT DAHANA management was present at the Nemoni Rakyat event held by the Cibogo Subang Police on September 21, 2023 at Bale Dahana Subang. The get-together, which was attended by PT DAHANA’s Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications, Juli Jajuli. Mr Jajuli was accompanied by Security Manager Eka Bagus.

In his speech, Mr Jajuli expressed his gratitude for the good cooperation between the police and PT DAHANA so far, especially the Subang Police and Cibogo Police. Mr Jajuli conveyed that the National Police and TNI play an important role in securing the DAHANA explosives industry.

“We must protect Dahana as a vital national object together as a state asset and the pride of Subang,” explained Mr Jajuli.

In addition to that, Mr Jajuli Juli supported the friendship program carried out by the police in order to maintain a conducive environment in anticipation to the general elections.

“We should, among others, be wise while using the social media. Thumbs up that you give in posts or comments can lead to misunderstanding that further leads to frictions,” Mr Jajuli said.

Meanwhile, Cibogo Subang Police Chief Police Commissioner Adjunct Ikin Sodikin said that the Nemoni Rakyat activity was a program of Subang Police Chief High Police Commissioner Adjunct Ariek Indra Sentanu.

“Nemoni Rakyat is a Subang Police Chief’s program implemented by the Cibogo Police in order to jointly create the people’s social and security order he explained.

Mr Sodikin invited all parties to work together to create public security and order in the Cibogo District area to ensure safe, comfortable and conducive atmosphere before, during and after the general election.

“Let’s respect the different choices. We must continue to maintain unity for the sake of peaceful elections leading to the brighter future of Indonesia,” he said.

The Cibogo Police Chief is also campaigning for traffic safety. Mr Sodikin also advised the public to prioritize safety over speed when riding vehicles.

“Obey traffic rules for mutual safety,” he said.

The Nemoni Rakyat event was also attended by neighbourhood administrative heads, greater neighbourhood administrative heads, hamlet heads, village heads, heads of youth groups, and heads of sub-districts. In addition to that, there were representatives of the village leaders working group, Cibogo sub-district leaders working group community organizations, Indonesian Army representatives Cibogo sub-district service offices and business people.