Subang Police Chief, Police Grand Commissioner Adjunct (AKBP) Ariek Indra Sentanu paid a friendly visit to PT DAHANA following his assignment as Subang Police on August 13. Mr Sentanu and his Subang Police entourage were welcomed by DAHANA’s Corporate Secretary, Ahmad Fachruddin at the DAHANA Campus, Subang, on 26 September 2023.

In his speech, Mr Fachrullah welcomed Mr Sentanu who replaced AKBP Sumarni who was assigned to be Deputy Chief of Bekasi Police. Mr Fachrullah also explained that the DAHANA Energetic Material Center (EMC) area is included in the National Vital Object area.

“Dahana as a vital national object has implemented National Police Chief Regulation Number 24 of 2007 on Security Management Systems in carrying out its operational activities. It is because security is our commitment as a company that is exposed to extreme risks,” said Mr Fachrullah.

Mr Fachrullah added that PT DAHANA is the Mecca for Indonesian explosives which has the most complete facilities in the ASEAN region. DAHANA is engaged in the general mining, quarry & construction, oil and gas and military sectors. DAHANA was assigned by the regulator to become part of the defense industry SOEs holding (DEFEND ID) in 2022.

Mr Fachrullah hoped that the visit of the Subang Police Chief can strengthen the cooperation that has been built between the two institutions, as stated in one of AKHLAK’s core values, namely collaboration. Through collaboration with the Subang Police, DAHANA’s commitment to progress and develop together with the community will be easier.

Meanwhile, Mr Sentanu Ariek is grateful for the warm welcome given by DAHANA. He also hoped to collaborate with DAHANA in safeguarding and maintaining public security and order in Subang Regency.

“Thank you to DAHANA for cooperating well with the police all this time, I want to know more about DAHANA,” said Mr Sentanu.

The Police Chief and his entourage also toured the DAHANA Ring Energetic Material Center Area by visiting the Emulsion Cartridge Factory and the Non-electric Detonator Factory. At the detonator factory, the Police Chief conducted a delay test on DAHANA’s non-electric detonator product.