Students of the Faculty of Communication Sciences (Fikom), Universitas Subang, visited PT DAHANA to get on-hand knowledge on Public Relations. PT DAHANA’s Legal and Corporate Communications SM Juli Jajuli was the main resource person in the public relations sharing session with the students at Saung Kopi DAHANA, in Subang, on 20 December 2023.

Mr Jajuli shared his experiences as PT DAHANA’s Public Relations Officer who succeeded in winning various Public Relations awards. In addition to that, as a public relations officer for an explosives company, he also succeeded in building a good image of the Company as a company that really cares about the Indonesian people, especially in Subang Regency.

“Public relations officials have an important function in a company, especially in the current era of disruption where people are very easily exposed to misinformation and disinformation. PR in industry has a role in creating good opinions in society, building positive relationships with the public, harmonizing between stakeholders and promoting company values,” said Mr Jajuli.

In addition to the public relations topic, Ruskalim, member of PT DAHANA’s Social and Environment Responsibility team, also discussed DAHANA’s caring work in the Social & Environmental Responsibility (SER) program.

Meanwhile, lecturer of Universitas Subang’s Fikom, Nuraini conveyed that this field lecture at DAHANA’s Saung Kopi Meranti is part of the Relations & Communication course. She hoped that students get the chance to broaden their insight and knowledge about public relations processes in companies directly from experts and practitioners.

“It is our hope that this visit program will bring positive benefits to the students of Universitas Subang’s Fikom for development on understanding of the world of work in public relations. By being engaged in an event like this, we hope that the students will be better prepared and skilled in facing challenges in the real world of work, especially in public relations and corporate communications,” said Miss Nuraini.