The Head of Research and Development Agency (Balitbang) of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Indonesia, Air Vice Marshal H. Haris Haryanto visited PT DAHANA in order to introduce and discuss the follow-up of the joint project between the Indonesian Ministry of Defense Balitbang and DAHANA. The Head of the Research and Development Center of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense and staff were received directly by DAHANA’s President Director Wildan Widarman and other directors at the DAHANA Campus, Subang on Friday, June 9, 2023.

Mr Widarman started his remarks by telling DAHANA’s history as a pioneer in the explosives industry, which began with the Republic of Indonesia Air Force (AURI) project in 1966, known as the Menang Project, located in Tasikmalaya, West Java. Over time, DAHANA has turned into a business institution that has penetrated into the area of commercial explosives.

“In 2012, PT DAHANA officially relocated its head office from Tasikmalaya to Subang. Currently, DAHANA is known as the Qibla of Indonesian Explosives with the Energetic Material Centre which is listed as the most complete centre for research, development and production of high-energy materials in ASEAN,” said Mr Widarman.

Mr Widarman added that PT DAHANA is known for its main business as an explosives company in the commercial sector, namely for fulfilment of explosives for coal, mineral, quarry and construction mining activities. In 2022, DAHANA joined forces with the Defense Industry SOEs holding DEFEND ID which has the task of strengthening the defense industry ecosystem, meeting domestic needs, increasing local content, entering the global supply chain, being able to compete in a healthy and profitable manner with other Defense Industries in the world, and being able become a Top 50 Global Defense Company

In order to realize this, DAHANA has succeeded in producing several products in the military sector, including the P-Series Bomb which is used as a bomb on Sukhoi fighter aircraft, the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) for the R-HAN 122B Rocket. Apart from that, DAHANA is part of the R-HAN 122B and R-HAN 450 Rocket Consortium. Currently, DAHANA is also developing munition loitering drones, propellant for ammunition and rockets.

As is known, DAHANA and the Ministry of Defense’s Balitbang have tied a very long relationship, especially with regards to the development of energetic material related military products. Such projects include development of defense rockets and rocket launchers, as well as preparation of the propellant industry.

Meanwhile, Marshal Haryanto revealed that his visit to DAHANA this time, apart from introducing himself as the new Head of Research and Development of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense, was also to follow up on collaborative programs with DAHANA.

“It is our hope that in the future the collaboration between the Indonesian Ministry of Defense’s Balitbang and DAHANA will be even closer,” said Marshal Haryanto.

In addition to the meeting, the Head of Research and Development of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense and their entourage also visited the Ring I of DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center area, one of which was to review the supporting facilities for the propellant industry.