Sonny Marindo, DAHANA’s Operational Manager at the Adaro Site won an award as 3rd Place in Best Performance Operational Manager in 2022 in the Core Mining Services Company category. The award was handed over by the Mining Operations Division Head of PT Adaro Indonesia Deny Widihatmoko during the PT Adaro Indonesia Office Ceremony Field, South Kalimantan, Wednesday, 7 June 2023.

This event was held in conjunction with the General Morning Talk (GMT) activities and the World Environment Day commemoration ceremony. Mr Marindo said he was grateful for the award from PT Adaro Indonesia, and for DAHANA’s management and employees who had been supporting operations at the Adaro site.

“Hopefully this award will be a motivation for all employees of PT DAHANA to deliver the best performance, and foster trust from consumers to PT DAHANA in the delivery of explosives and blasting services,” said Mr Marindo.

The Operation Manager Award at PT Adaro is a program that is measurable and listed in the company’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Each Operation Manager of Adaro’s partners must fulfil each assessment point to the maximum extent possible in one assessment period. The points of assessment outline include Operation Manager competence, leadership and performance in carrying out duties and responsibilities, personal commitment and discipline in reporting, and routinely attending invitations from PT Adaro Indonesia.

Mr Marindo said that PT Adaro Indonesia is a company that is very concerned and serious about achieving mining safety, and therefore this should be a challenge for the DAHANA team. Adaro does not only focus on operational safety but is also in all matters related to the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH).

“For this reason, DAHANA Team at Adaro Site, while in carrying out operations always tries to make operational safety and OSH as one unit with the principle that says ‘Safe Operations for Better Profitability’,” concluded Mr Marindo.

Mr Marindo managed to get 3rd highest point out of 134 operation managers from 37 Core Mining Service Companies in 4 categories. As is well known, as the mecca of Indonesian explosives, DAHANA provides explosives supply and blasting services for Adaro. At PT Adaro, DAHANA uses advanced technology such as On-Site Continuous Plant (OSCP), Mobile Manufacturing Trucks, Dabex73, Remote Firing, Electronic Detonators and Dayadet Non-Electric Detonators.