The business world is increasingly facing the reality of uncertainty with very rapid changes. This also includes the business lines that DAHANA operates. In addition to that, tight competition follows the unstable conditions of the business world. However, armed with the core values of AKHLAK and the resilience of all DAHANA’s people, the Company was able to break new records.

This was conveyed by the Director of Operations Yusep Nugraha at the 2024 DAHANA Coordination Meeting of Engineering Division which was held in Novus Djiva, Anyer, Banten from 26 to 28 February 2024. The 2024 Engineering Division Coordination Meeting was under the theme of “Digitalization: The Future of Resilience and Innovation”.

Mr Nugraha said that one of the important elements for a company to survive or progress and develop is its ability to adapt to all the prevailing conditions. In addition to adaptation, to keep being a company that leads the explosives business line, DAHANA is required to continuously innovate in all areas.

“DAHANA is lucky because it received guidance from the Ministry of SOEs with regards to the core values of AKHLAK one of which is ‘Adaptive’. This value has become very important. In the last one or two decades, we have seen how many large multinational companies go out of business for being unable to adapt to existing changes,” said Mr Nugraha.

The mecca for Indonesian explosives also believes that innovation is DAHANA’s breath. In running the Company, this innovation is not limited to the presence of new products and services, but also to management systems, organizational structures, and various governance arrangements.

“One of the important legacies of our seniors is their personality as innovators. DAHANA’s ability to develop so far is a result of its innovative capabilities. DAHANA’s seniors are known for their continuous conduct of research and patents acknowledgement for their innovations. Hopefully this spirit will continue in the current and future generations,” said Mr Nugraha.

In addition to the presentation from the Director of Operations, participants also received material regarding the Mining Safety Management System Management Review Meeting (RTM SMKP) with the Internal Supervisory Unit (SPI), digitalization of blasting from the Energetic Material Center unit, and some information about the Progress of the Ammonium Nitrate Plant from PT KAN.