Drilling & Blasting Service

A. Drilling

DAHANA provides customer services for blast hole drilling in accordance with effective and efficient blasting pattern and needs.

DAHANA provides blast hole explosive charging services using compatible explosives in accrdance with the needs, yielding excellent result. DAHANA also supports the designing process of efficient blast holes.

Our trained and experienced team is able to provide services for various fields with different levels of difficulty.

B. Blasting

DAHANA provides complete and thorough blasting services for various conditions and needs, either for bench blasting, trench-blasting, tunnel blasting, cautious blasting, or underwater blasting.

Blasting in different fields requires different approaches and proper design and preparation by considering various parameters and conditions, including in determining the optimum explosives charge, drill hole preparation, down the hole loading, efficient blast design, blast timing and design configuration, field control of ground vibration, air blast, and fly rock, rock mucking, cost analysis, and blasting productivity.

DAHANA’s experience in this field ensures our clients get the best results. The use of DAHANA’s products in integral services also ensures the quality of the explosives used and allows customization for each blasting condition, and therefore provides the most effective and safe result.

C. Ground Vibration Measurement

Blasting not only destroys the rocks, but also generates ground vibrations. Effective blasting seeks to minimize the effect of these vibrations to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment.

DAHANA provides ground vibration measurements service by using the latest measurement tools which provide accurate results so that the blasting process and its effects can be monitored properly.