The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS) of PT DAHANA Investama Corp (DIC) chaired by the President Director of PT DAHANA Wildan Widarman as shareholder appointed Budi Irfani as Director of PT DIC replacing Agus Setiabudi. The EGMS was held in Jakarta, on Thursday, 21 September 2023.

Mr Widarman said that the appointment of Budi Irfani as Director of PT DIC is intended to ensure that DAHANA subsidiary runs well in accordance with the duties and functions stipulated in the Articles of Association of PT DIC to support DAHANA’s development in both the commercial and military sectors.

“We hope that with the appointment of Mr. Budi Irfani, PT DIC can carry out its duties and functions as stated in the company’s Articles of Association. “Hopefully PT DIC will be more creative and innovative in getting and developing investment for the advancement of PT DAHANA,” said Mr Widarman.

As is known, Mr Irfani is not new to DAHANA. He has worked in the DAHANA financial sector and served as Senior Manager of Accounting & Taxation and Senior Manager of Finance & Budget at PT DAHANA.

Mr Setiabudi congratulated Mr Irfani on becoming the definitive director of PT DIC. Mr Setiabudi hoped that in the hands of his successor, PT DIC can further develop in supporting the main business of the Parent Company (PT DAHANA).

“With this EGMS, it means that there is officially a definitive director who will carry out the management of the Company in accordance with the Company’s Articles of Association, and it is our hope that under the new management, DIC can develop further and become bigger so that it can support the parent company’s main business, namely PT. DAHANA,” said Mr Setiabudi.