PT DAHANA offers Integrated Explosive Services to world Geothermal practitioners at the 9th Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition (IIGCE) 2023 exhibition organized by the Indonesian Geothermal Association (API) from 20 to 22 September 2023, at the Assembly Hall Jakarta Convention Center, in Jakarta.

API President Prijandaru Effendi said that Indonesia’s geography lies in a unique position in terms of utilization of geothermal energy. Located on the Ring of Fire, Indonesia is characterized with a very active seismic abundant geothermal energy potential. Geothermal is considered a as long term basic supply to realize Indonesia’s renewable energy target of 23% by 2025.

“The potential of this country’s geothermal resources is estimated to be 23.9 GW. More than 2 GW of geothermal power plants are currently operating, or around 10%. Geothermal energy must be utilized optimally by means of technological development. This is a real implementation in accelerating geothermal development in Indonesia. “In addition to that, geothermal development must be in accordance with the principles of Environment, Social, Government (ESG),” said Mr Effendi.

Meanwhile, PT DAHANA’s SM Marketing and Commercial Products Operations, Aditya Prima, said that PT DAHANA is ready to help the efforts to accelerate the development of renewable energy such as geothermal. PT DAHANA provides Integrated Explosive Services which consists of supply of explosives and related services (warehouse provision, licensing, importation, transportation, and handling of remaining explosives). To support its services, PT DAHANA is equipped with its Bonder Logistics Center (BLC) which is a stock point for explosives in Indonesia.

DAHANA’s Integrated Explosive Solutions service is claimed to be able to minimize blasting costs. With the Bonded Logistics Center warehousing service, consumers will get the benefit of deferring import taxes until the goods leave DAHANA’s warehouse.

In addition, PT DAHANA offers a Bunker Management System which includes services for management of explosives warehouse, provision of supervisory bunkers, warehouse security, inventory control, and mobilization of explosives to the well location. “Owing to our experienced human resources, we are confident that DAHANA is the right choice in view of explosives services,” concluded Mr Prima.