PT DAHANA’s President Commissioner Donny Ermawan Taufanto delivered several important messages and directions to all employees during the DAHANA Leaders Talk event which was held in a hybrid way at the DAHANA Campus Auditorium, Subang, Jakarta Office, and site project employees via zoom meeting, Tuesday, February 21, 2023.

Mr Taufanto conveyed good news to all employees as the Company again recorded positive performance in 2023. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Defense also reminded that the Company had set higher target for 2024. Therefore, he hoped for all employees’ high commitment and fighting spirit.

“This achievement certainly did not come by itself. There was hard work and high fighting spirit from all Dahaners in carrying out their respective duties, starting from the management to Dahaners who work far away in remote areas of the country,” said Mr Taufanto.

Currently, DAHANA is facing bigger challenges, with increasingly tight competition in the explosives industry market, and disruption which is a challenge for all business players. According to Mr Taufanto, this condition of uncertainty and changes in the external environment requires mutual synergy and solidity.

“We have now entered the second month of 2024. There is a target awaiting us; a considerable amount of work,” said Mr Taufanto.

For this reason, the Board of Commissioners emphasized the importance of working with real resilience in accordance to DAHANA’s 2024 theme “Building Resilience Through Innovation: Resilient People with High Competitiveness” with the hope that the Company can create tough talents with a competitive mentality.

The Board of Commissioners has also formulated a directive containing the 5 Ms, namely, firstly, monitoring and evaluating work plans periodically. This direction is aimed specifically at the Board of directors and is in accordance with the direction of the Minister of SOEs for better management of the Company’s performance in which corporate actions and management must be based on accurate data, one of which is by carrying out stricter monitoring and evaluation.

“Secondly, improvement of Safe Work Culture where DAHANA employees are expected to consistently maintain and increase awareness while working with a safe work culture. This is because DAHANA is a company that has extreme operational risks such as production of explosives, drilling and blasting,” added Mr Taufanto.

Thirdly is to find and recognize new business potential to make sure that that the Company continues to grow and develop. This requires sensitivity from all employees towards completely new businesses or derivatives of the current core business through collaboration with other stakeholders. Fourthly is (the need) to improve governance and implementation of risk management especially for employees who take positions as decision makers where they must always instil a “What-If” mindset before making a decision.

“Finally, increasing team solidity. This will be the key to success in facing challenges to achieve brilliant performance. We believe that the Board of Directors has formulated what DAHANA must do to go forward, especially in maintaining business continuity, one of which the preparation of second curve by creating new business for DAHANA. For sure everything should be done by taking GCG and risk management into consideration at every stage,” concluded the 1988 Air Force Academy Best Graduate.

After giving instructions, Mr Taufanto also shared stories about the life lessons he learned in the military and which can be adopted by all employees. He revealed advice and quoted keys to success in pursuing a career, such as upholding the principles of honesty, discipline, and loving with pride the work you are performing.