SUBANG – Participants of the Technical Guidance for the Safety of Oil and Gas Explosives Management visited DAHANA after months of restricted mobility due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The group which was coordinated by the Prima Daya Migas Cooperative (KPDM) was warmly welcomed by the Corporate Secretary of DAHANA, Bayu Anggoro, at the DAHANA Central Management Office, Subang, on Thursday, July 21, 2022.

Prior to the pandemic, KPDM regularly visited DAHANA’s explosives factory, either for education or cooperation purposes. This time, the KPDM visit was organized in the context of Technical Guidance on the Safety of Oil and Gas Explosives Management.

In his speech, Mr Anggoro said that DAHANA as a mecca for explosives in Indonesia is always open for any relevant institutions to conduct study in the Energetic Material Center Area. The Company’s complete facilities are conveniently available for study for practitioners and academics of explosives.

“We also had various new facilities developed during Covid-19, such as the establishment of the Elemented Detonator Factory which was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on April 20, as well as several new explosive products with high quality and competitive prices,” Mr Anggoro explained.

A total of 75 visitors from KPDM had the opportunity to visit the Dayagel Seismic Factory and see the Dayagel Seismic blasting demonstration firsthand. According to Ivan Angga Maulana, a guide from Dahana during the plant tour, this product is the latest development of DAHANA’s seismic explosives designed to improve the performance of the previous generation (Powergel Seismic 3000).

He added that, as a seismic explosive, Dayagel Seismic offers very good quality, and with an efficiency at the initiation of detonation.

“Other advantages of this product are the ability of extraordinary explosion speed, greater sensitivity, and longer shelf life,” said Mr Angga.

During the visit, the SKK Migas Cooperative Department staff representative from Sembagut, Fikri, told that his first visit to the DAHANA Campus was very impressive. Mr Fikri said that he did not have any previous knowledge about what DAHANA did with regards to the manufacture of explosives in DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center area.

“I am very proud that Indonesia is able to compete in terms of explosives manufacture with both the national and international reputation. I hope that DAHANA will be able to create new innovations to strengthen the defense system of our beloved Republic of Indonesia,” concluded Mr Fikri.