SUBANG – The National Police Education and Training Institute, the Intelligence Education Center, again held a Special Development Training for the First Officer for Intelligence Service Administration Staff (Dikbangspes Pama Yanmin). One of the training subjects is the explosives, and to add insight and knowledge on explosives, the students were invited to visit PT DAHANA on Wednesday, July 20, 2022.

One of the instructors accompanied the participants, Adjunct Police Commissioner Parsono said that the service and administration students were closely related with DAHANA. He also said that theoretically, the participants had already gained an understanding from the training center’s instructors.

“However, we do not have the authority to store those items (explosives), so we come here for another visit to get gain knowledge and hands-on experience. We would like to thank DAHANA for the warm welcome,” said Mr Parsono.

DAHANA’s Vice President of Energetic Material Center, Benny Gunawan, said in his remarks that students of the National Police Intelligence Center will gain knowledge and experience related to PT DAHANA’s new products.

“For your information, apart from producing commercial explosives, DAHANA is also capable of producing military explosives, like the ones you saw earlier. We have bombs and rockets,” said  Mr Gunawan.

Mr Gunawan added that DAHANA and the police have developed very good relations, because DAHANA is a National Vital Object which is guarded 24 hours a 7 day by the police. In addition, DAHANA requires extra security in the operation of explosives from the police, such as when mobilizing explosives to consumers.

After receiving related materials and discussions in the Smart Room of DAHANA Campus, students were then invited to a plant tour to find out how the explosives production process is carried out by the Indonesian explosives company. One of the students from the Riau Islands Regional Police was amazed by what he witnessed.

“It’s just amazing, we are very happy to have the opportunity to come here (plant tour), in addition to gaining knowledge, we have also seen the types of explosives, and new related experience, and (got introduced to) how the explosions occur. We hope that DAHANA will continue to improve its research for new research, so that it can continue to serve the nation better,” said Second Inspector Dwi Nurhuda.