Participants of 1st Class Blaster Course took the field practice Field Practice by visiting DAHANA in order to increase and deepen their insight and knowledge on explosives. The group of 2023 Class of Training participants was received by Acting VP EMC Dadan Munawar at the DAHANA Campus, Subang, on Monday, 28 August 2023.

In his speech, Mr Munawar welcomed the participants. He also explained that the DAHANA Campus is not a university, but short for Kantor Manajemen Pusat (Central Management Office). However, philosophically, the term campus still applies as DAHANA frequently welcomes various visitors wishing to learn more about explosives.

Mr Munawar also explained a brief history of DAHANA which started from the Republic of Indonesia Air Force’s “Menang Project” to its relocation to to the Energetic Material Center Area located in Subang, West Java.

“In addition to that, currently, DAHANA’s Energetic Material Center (EMC) area is the largest of its kind and has the most complete facilities in ASEAN. In April 2022, DAHANA entered into the holding of the Indonesian Defense Industry SOEs, DEFEND ID together with PT Len Industri (Persero), PT PINDAD, PTDI, and PT PAL Indonesia, where DEFEND ID was mandated by the President to become an engine for realizing the independence of national defense equipment,” explained Mr Munawar.

After the discussion in the DAHANA Smart Room, the 10 participants had the opportunity to visit the EMC area which has Mobile Manufacturing Truck workshop facilities, Elemented Detonator Factory, Non-Electric Detonator Factory, Emulsion Cartridge Factory, quality testing facilities, warehousing, and explosives factories.

Owing to its complete facilities, DAHANA is able to produce reliable explosives, and distribute them to sites throughout Indonesia. Under such advantages, DAHANA products are also recognized by foreign consumers, such as Australia, which imports DAHANA’s explosives in a regular basis.

Mr Munawar added that DAHANA’s explosive products have a high domestic content level value and as the center for explosives in Indonesia, PT DAHANA has a strong magnet for academics, experts, the armed forces, the national police, related ministries and other institutions to study the latest explosives.