DAHANA’s Meeting for Work Plan and Company Budget had been held in Subang. After for years, PT DAHANA (Persero) held their 2017 meeting in Tasikmalaya, West Java, which is the city where the company was originally born. 

Under the theme of “Learning from Leadership within DAHANA’s Historical Traces”, the 2017 workshop for Work Plan and Company Budget Raker became a moment of Tasikmalaya nostalgia. Two venues were used, namely Hotel Horison and Tasikmalaya’s DAHANA Office.

The workshop lasted for two days, from 30 to 31 January 2017, and was attended by the Board of Commissioners, Directors and echelon 1 to echelon 3 officials. The President Commissioner, who is Secretary General of Republic of Indonesia’s Minister of Defense, Vice Admiral Widodo, was there to give directives to all of the workshops participants. 

During his addressing speech, Widodo expected that unity and synergy among commissioners, directors and employees should be sustainably attempted as this is the key to the achievement of 2017 Work Plan and Company budget target. Widodo elaborated that some State-owned Enterprises had failed to synergize with their commissioners or directors being not in harmony with their employees. Such circumstance, he said, may come and obstacles to the company’s progress. 

“I am grateful to be in DAHANA, a healthy company, in which the commissioners, directors and employees have been in a good synergy. I am sure this will become the key to the company’s achievement to the 2017 Work Plan and Company Budget target,” said Widodo (31/1/2017).

Apart from that, Widodo hoped that all DAHANA’s components would continue to work hard for the sake of the company’s progress. He said DAHANA should move forward; leaving any hesitation behind to make sure that the company could reach the state of dignity in terms of explosive production in Indonesia. “We must remain committed for our country’s advancement through production of explosives’. We should move forwards in spite of the underlying obstacles. No reasons for stepping back. We will make progress for our country’s advancement. Have no worries! We are here in DAHANA to help build our country,” said Widodo.