To speed up of construction of Bakauheni-Terbanggi Besar (Baterbar) highway, PT DAHANA (Persero) shifted its blasting from Danfo explosive to Dabex.

The drilling,  blasting and related projects service done by DAHANA with regards to construction of Barterbar highway was commenced in March 2016 and will be finalized in March 2017 as targeted. 

The strategy shift was due to the fact that  DAHANA had experienced some unexpected situations, one of which was the water condition which practically had decreased the blasting productivity with the construction project. Rainfalls and watery blasting holes had caused the non-water resistant ANFO explosive to fail to perform in an optimum way. 

As mentioned by Karyanto, Lampung Sit Coordinator, Koordinator Site Lampung, at the beginning of the rock hill blasting work at the Barterbar project, Dahana used some explosives such as Cartridge Emulsion which is known as dynamite (Dayagel Extra), Non-electric Detonator (Dayadet Nonel), and ANFO (DANFO); all of which were originated from Dahana Manufaturing Plang in Subang..

“For purposes of accelerating the project and service performance, we altered our use of explosives from Anfo to Bulk Emulsion (Dabex), with booster in replacement for dynamite,” saidr Karyanto to Dfile. (19/01/2016).

DABEX,  explained Karyanto, is highly effective in terms of blasting geometry expansion for production improvement purposes. Using Dabex,  our progress has reached 69.7% resulting in the same number of blast holes under Anfo, but with much better fragmentation. 

Karyanto also said that, with regard to the Barterbar highway project, Dahana is now the second phase of blasting work. “We have managed to fully reach 1,110,000 BCM work in October 2016, and we are now on progress for the second phase for production of another 2,553,508.66 BCM. With regards to the second phase work, from November to December 2016, our blasting work has reached 25,63%,  and we are optimistic that 100% of blasting will be finalized in March 2017,” concluded Karyanto.