PT DAHANA organized 2024 Work Meeting to discuss PT DAHANA’s Business Development Strategy in 2024. This meeting raised the theme of “Building Resilience Through Innovation: Resilient People with High Competitiveness” which was held at the Padma Hotel Semarang, from 22 to 24 January 2024.

In her speech, PT DAHANA’s Commissioner Rina Moreta expressed her gratitude and pride to all DAHANA people who have put in a lot of effort, both mental energy and time to ensure that DAHANA is able to maintain the momentum for performance improvement which started earlier in 2022.

“Based on the information we received, PT DAHANA’s performance achievements in 2023 have again outnumbered various performance records previously set in 2022, namely the record for the largest revenue and profit since the establishment of DAHANA,” said Ms. Moreta.

At the event which was attended by BOD, Echelon I, II and III, Commissioners, Shareholders; Ms. Moreta conveyed the importance of innovation as the key to Company sustainability, economic and technological resilience, and improvement of the Company’s competency.

She added that improvement of HR competency must be implemented holistically by involving aspects of leadership, interpersonal skills and work ethics. A company with educated team in which integrity and responsibility blend will make a strong foundation for resilience in facing various business dynamics.

Meanwhile, PT DAHANA’s President Director Wildan Widarman said that the Work Meeting was not just an annual meeting, but a form of sharing of vision and spirit. This is in accordance with the meeting theme which describes the company’s determination to continue to innovate in facing various challenges.

One of PT DAHANA’s most recent achievements is the completion of the construction of the Ammonium Nitrate Factory in Bontang. Mr Widarman believes that the presence of this factory, which has a production capacity of 75,000 MT/year, is a milestone for PT DAHANA to continue to grow and develop.

He invited every present employee to become a pioneer in their own self-formation, continue to be motivated by self-achievement, increase knowledge, and sharpen skills during the self-development process. Mr Widarman also hoped that DAHANA people can reach a higher level together.

“We believe that the success of PT DAHANA lies in PT DAHANA’s people who are persistent, tenacious and have the desire to do their best. Not just being the best, but continuing to try to improve yourselves,” said Mr Widarman.

Still, according to Mr Widarman, the emergence of PT DAHANA individuals who have these characteristics can make this company an agile and globally competitive entity.

“Let’s build a brighter future together and empower PT DAHANA to achieve even greater achievements,” concluded Mr Widarman