Industrial Engineering students of Jakarta Global University (JGU) made an industrial visit to PT DAHANA in order to comprehend and deepen their knowledge about the Supply Chain System under the theme of “Handling of Explosives Supply Chain”. The group of students was warmly welcomed by SM Legal and Corporate Communications Juli Jajuli and General Mining Division Procurement and General Manager Teno Arief Prihanto, at the DAHANA Campus, Wednesday, 22 May 2024.

In his speech, Mr Jajuli explained that DAHANA Kampus is an abbreviation for Kantor Pusat Management The abbreviation campus was created not without reason, the name ‘Kampus’ is used because the Mecca for Indonesian explosives is available for place for academics, researchers and practitioners to get on-hand of knowledge about explosives.

“Even though it is not a university, the DAHANA Campus can be said to be part of the Candradimuka crater (training center) of explosives experts in Indonesia, because it is often a destination for researchers, students and practitioners to study things related to explosives,” said Mr Jajuli.

In term of handling of explosives supply chain, DAHANA is considered to a company with the most complete facilities for its various manufacturing plants, Bonded Logistics Centers, and effective distribution channels due to its strategic location close to airports, ports and toll roads.

In addition of being an important player in the explosives supply chain in Indonesia, DAHANA also plays a role in the global explosives supply chain. DAHANA regularly sends explosives produced by Energetic Material Center (EMC) engineers, among others, to Australia.

“Representing DAHANA’s management, I’d like to welcome and thank you for this visit. We believe that every visit is a form of friendship that can prolong life and expand one’s fortune. Hopefully through this visit, the goals of Jakarta Global University students can be achieved,” concluded Mr Jajuli.

Meanwhile, JGU representative Mohamad Zainudin expressed his gratitude for the warm reception from DAHANA. He hoped that the students participating in the industrial visit can take part in each session well, so that they can expand their knowledge on supply chain systems, especially in the explosives industry.

“We would like to express our deepest gratitude to DAHANA for the warm welcome. We really hope that the JGU Industrial Engineering study program students who take part in this activity will be able to study the Supply Chain System course with the theme of handling the explosives supply chain,” said Mr Zainudin.

After receiving speeches and materials, JGU students had the opportunity to see firsthand the most complete explosives facilities in the ASEAN region which are located in the DAHANA Energetic Material Center area.