SUBANG – PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) Unit has again provided assistance to the Subang Regency Penitentiary. This time, the assistance from the explosives company came in the form of plants. The handover of plants was held at PT DAHANA’s Nursery Unit on Thursday,  January 5, 2023.

The Head of DAHANA’s SER Unit, Eman Suherman stated that the assistance to the Subang Regency Penitentiary was an implementation of the Pentahelix program for empowerment of inmates who are about to return to community. Mr Suherman also mentioned that the plant supply was the second after previous provision of hawker carts for ex-inmates.

“DAHANA is currently providing assistance for the agricultural sector or reforestation within the Subang Regency Penitentiary while teaching inmates how to farm and grow crops,” said Mr Suherman.

DAHANA’s plant supplies consists of 100 seedlings of ornamental plants, and 100 seedlings of perennials. With the provision of various skills during the learning process at the Correctional Institutions, Mr Suherman hoped that the inmates can return to society and live normally by running their businesses independently.

In February 2022, DAHANA signed the Pentahelix program “Empowerment of Class II A Subang Penitentiary (WBP)” together with the Subang District Government, Subang Class II A Penitentiary, Sutaatmadja College of Economics, and Pasundan Ekspress.

Mr Suherman also hoped that the Pentahelix program at the Subang Regency Correctional Institution can increase the awareness of various institutions for ex-inmates so that the latter can return to live their lives in the society in peace, without having to commit anything that could make them return to jail.

“With the provision of skills during training time in the correctional institution from various business fields, we hope that after returning to society, they can run their business independently and avoid actions that could cause more problems. So that you won’t go back to the prisoner, “concluded Mr Suherman.


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