Entering 2023, Adaro’s DAHANA site employees held a Family Gathering event as a form of gratitude for achieving safety and production in 2022. The Family Gathering was held on January 1, 2023 at the Wahyu 99 Fishing Pond, in Tanjung Tabalong, South Kalimantan.

Adaro’s Superintendent Jsp, Sonny Marindo said, the Family Gathering event under the theme Family for Better Safety was also accompanied with Off-the-job Safety socialization and various competitions attended by employees and their children.

“We give appreciation to outstanding employees in the attendance and safety category, presentation of off-the-job safety material by HSE and the Company doctors, coloring contest for employees’ children, fishing, singing, distribution of door prizes, dining, and photos sessions together,” explained Mr Marindo.

During the event of appreciation of outstanding employees, Juman, Hendri Amaludin and Torang Marolop were named winners of the attendance category. Meanwhile, Erwan Suroso won employee appreciation for the category of Safe Fit Form Filling and Hazard Report Filling.

In his presentation, Mr Marindo conveyed the importance of employee family awareness on safety. He gave an example of the fire case and he hoped that DAHANA’s employees can pass on a safety awareness to their families, for example, by turning off electronic devices that are not used, not leaving the stove on, not smoking inside the house, and preparing fire extinguishers especially in the kitchen area.

The presentation of Off-the-job Safety during the Family Gathering event was also expected to introduce the safety system to employees’ children, and build a sense of pride for children to behave in safety as their parents do during their work time in DAHANA.

At the end of the event, Mr Marindo hoped that in 2023, DAHANA will develop into an advanced company with a better system to make sure it brings more prosperity to employees down to the lowest level.

“I personally hope that God the Almighty  may always give strength so that they I can carry out the mandate to lead DAHANA at the Adaro Site even better,” concluded Mr Marindo.


Juli Jajuli

Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications


Email: julijajuli@dahana.id

Mobile: 082111546999

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