DAHANA gave In-house Training on the Full Auto Operation of Mobile Manufacturing Trucks (MMT) in order to equip new MMT Full Auto operators and refresh existing operators on the use of MMT in various DAHANA sites in several regions. The in-house training activities will last from 29 January to 2 February 2024 at the DAHANA Campus, Subang.

In his speech, DAHANA’s Equipment and Facilities Design and Technology Manager Shahibdin Ma’ruf said that the in-house training agenda includes the introduction, operational practices and maintenance of MMT Full Auto, from the prime remover (Renault), the hydraulic system, to the MMT control system.

“We hope that this in-house training can help MMT operators carry out maintenance operations. “The good performance of MMT operations will really help DAHANA’s operations in the field which will affect the effectiveness and efficiency of blasting and, most importantly, customer satisfaction,” said Mr Ma’ruf.

MMT is a truck that is equipped with mobile explosive mixing technology facilities at the blasting location, with the ability to transport and mix the required raw materials an explosive product that can be directly inserted into the firing holes. Among the explosives produced by MMT are Bulk Explosives, Dabex, Danfo, and Dawagel.

The MMT innovation project started with the Karimun project. Since then DAHANA’s High Energy Materials Center (EMC) has developed MMT capabilities through research and engineering of mobile manufacturing units with a capacity of two tor 20 tins for consumers. In this research, DAHANA conducted a series of trials to make sure that the MMT is operable in various climatic and terrain conditions encountered in the field.

Technically, a loading control system was also adopted into MMT to increase the effectiveness of MMT operations. Several types and brands of trucks such as SCANIA, VOLVO, and RENAULT 6×6 have been used as prime movers.

Mr Ma’ruf added that the increase in production of MMT units proves that DAHANA’s mobile explosives factory has succeeded in delivering customer satisfaction. With the existence of MMT, consumer costs in the distribution of explosives become more effective. In addition to that, DAHANA’s MMT can be utilized in the general mining and quarry sectors. DAHANA’s MMT will continue to be developed until it reaches the of state of “smart MMT” to support the achievement of industry 4.0.

“For a smooth field maintenance process, the engineering team will open further contact or communication with all MMT operators, so that they can immediately resolve the problems in case of occurrence of issues. We also hope for input from fellow operators for the process of improving MMT to help ensure that DAHANA’s MMT becomes the best MMT in Indonesia,” concluded Mr Ma’ruf.