Apart from the fact that DAHANA is a large company engaged in the explosives sector, there is another reason why Muhammad Helmi Faisal is interested in developing his career and potential at DAHANA. Helmi has developed a feeling of pride as being able to join a big SOE like DAHANA.


“I am proud to be able to contribute to the country by working in a big SOE like DAHANA, especially DAHANA’s business sector which is developing and producing explosives for military needs,” said Helmi.


Assigned to the Corporate Planning section, Helmi is optimistic that DAHANA’s business both in the commercial and military sectors will grow in the future..


“The government budget for the defense ministry is ranked in the top 3 which indicates the government’s seriousness in realizing the independence of domestic defense equipment,” explained Helmi.


This graduate of ITS said that apart from the military sector, DAHANA also continues to build explosives production facilities in the commercial sector. The plant construction that is currently underway is the construction of Elemented Detonator Factory in Subang and Ammonium Nitrate Factory in Bontang which will be followed by other factories.


Helmi is optimistic that under the support of qualified and skilled human resources in their respective fields, DAHANA can dealt with the increasingly stringent challenges. One of DAHANA’s biggest challenges is creation of the latest technologies in the defense industry to make sure it will be able to compete with foreign products.


“I am sure that by consistently conducting research and innovation, DAHANA can always be the first choice of consumers both at home and abroad,” concluded Helmi. (rmt)