“Blasters are not only for men. Women can also be one,” commented Yulia Hikmah, a pretty engineer working at PT DAHANA (Persero).

Joining PT DAHANA (Persero) in 2018, this young lady, who was born in Payakumbuh on July 24, 1995 is made busy with DAHANA’s explosive products, from research into laboratory explosives to quality testing and blasting in the field.

As a woman who deals with the explosives in her daily work, Yulia says she is proud because this profession is not very common with women. She says being a blaster has nothing to do with gender restrictions and as it can be conducted by anyone as long as it is done in the standard rules and safety priority in mind.

“You must have proper prior training first to become an explosive; for example, you have to take the Blaster Course to make sure you do blasting in a proper way. Everything comes in strict rules. As long as you follow the designated standard rules and put safety first priority, everything will run smoothly, “said Yulia.

Working at DAHANA in her position as K3LH & Technology Staff, Yulia has to spend a lot of her time working outside the office room. This requires that she should be in prime physical condition to support her daily work activities.

“Make sure you stay healthy with enough rest coupled with balanced dietary needs so that the body’s condition remains fit,” said the girl who likes watching movies.

Since joining DAHANA, Yulia has become accustomed to blasting explosives in the field. Yulia said that even from the start of the MT, she had started to be involved in the blasting process at the project site in South Kalimantan.

“From the beginning the MT placement in Petrosea, I was involved in the blasting process, starting from preparation, taking explosives in the field, assembling explosives, to the detonation process. I was involved there. Praise God, I have added valuable experiences, “he said happily.

She also finds new experiences and new things while working with DAHANA operations and that what makes her job more interesting. “It is good that I always have to do field jobs. I must travel to areas I have never visited before and discovered new things. My job gives me two ways of enjoyment : working and traveling,” she said, smiling.