Head of Subang District Court, Ardhi Wijayanto and his entourage visited PT DAHANA’s Head Office. During the visit, the entourage was warmly welcomed by the Director of Finance, Risk Management and Human Resources of DAHANA Ahyanizzaman at the DAHANA Campus, Subang on Wednesday, August 10, 2022.

In his remarks, Mr Ahyanizzaman introduced DAHANA’s line of business, its work in the explosives industry, and the products of the Main Weapon System (Alutsista) made by the Energetic Material Center, up to the company’s latest conditions.


“Currently, DAHANA is also a member of the SOEs defense industry Holding, DEFEND ID. The holding was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on April 20 in Surabaya. DAHANA’s business focuses on high-energy materials, particularly explosives,” said Mr Ahyanizzaman.

Mr Ahyanizzaman also added that DAHANA moved its head-offices to Subang Regency in 2011. Since then, this Indonesian explosives mecca company has been committed to becoming an advanced company together with the people of Subang. Under its Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) unit, DAHANA has developed various programs in the fields of environment, education, and MSMEs for the community.

Several Micro and Small Enterprises owned by the Subang community fostered by DAHANA were recorded to have succeeded in advancing their level. This is due to the fact that apart from providing revolving funds, DAHANA also provide related coaching to MSEs ranging from the production process, packaging, marketing, to inclusion of MSEs in international exhibitions.

Meanwhile, Mr Wijayanto expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome. H said his visit to DAHANA was an effort to strengthen the synergy among institutions in Subang Regency. He explained that he and his deputy, Mr Abdul Aziz, were recently sworn in as Chair and Deputy Chairperson of the Subang District Court.

“Thank you very much for DAHANA’s warm welcome in this gathering opportunity. We would like to introduce ourselves, at the same time we hope that DAHANA and Subang District Court can work together to advance Subang,” said Mr Wijayanto.

Attending the meeting were the Head of Subang District Court, Dr. Ardhi Wijayanto, SH., M. Hum, Deputy PN Subang Dr. Abdul Aziz, SH., M. Hum, Secretary Sudrajat, SE., MM, Penal Secretary Drs. Dadang Sudrajat and Judge Moh. Hidayat, SH. Meanwhile, PT DAHANA was attended by the Director of Finance, Risk Management & HR Ahyanizzaman, Senior Manager Legal & Corporate Communications Juli Jajuli and Legal Assistant Manager Herdi Pramayudha.



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