In order to support young Subang farmers, PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER) unit  provided socialization of capital during Technical Guidance for Product Development and Market Networking organized by the Agricultural Extension Center (BPP) Cipunegara District, at the BPP Cipunagara office, Subang, Wednesday , August 3, 2022.


Head of DAHANA’s SER Unit Eman Suherman said that DAHANA supports young farmers who have the passion to develop local potentials. According to Mr Suherman, Subang youth can stand at the forefront of development of agricultural products, and become a link in the national food security chain.

“Amidst massive industrialization development in the Subang area, there are still young people who wish to become farmers and breeders, become the backbone of the food security sector,” said Mr Suherman.

Currently, young Subang farmers have succeeded in initiating a cattle breeding cluster to increase the income value of Subang farmers in the Cipunagara area. However, it has not been carried out optimally due to the young farmers’ limited capital.

Asep, a young farmer from Cipunagara expressed his hope that DAHANA could include Cipunagara’s young farmers as DAHANA’s fostered partners. The revolving fund in DAHANA can help farmers to develop their businesses, as can be seen from various examples that DAHANA has succeeded in bringing the fostered partners to the next level.

“Through this SER program, many farmers have wished to become DAHANA’s fostered partners. In addition to the available revolving funds, fostered partners can get the opportunities for coaching programs for skill advancement ranging from training, provision of production facilities up to marketing, which have not been made available before with other parties,” added Mr Suherman.

DAHANA is the Chair of the Subang District SER Forum which to date has brough a major impact on the surrounding community with its revolving fund and coaching program. Several of DAHANA’s fostered partners have penetrated the international market, ranging from coffee products to Subang traditional handicrafts.