PT DAHANA gave a Halal Bihalal (joyful gathering) of Eid 1443 H event which was attended by commissioners, directors, and employees working at the Subang Head Office. The event under the the theme “Celebrate Victory and Strengthen Friendship during the Covid-19 Pandemic” was held on Friday, May 13, 2022, at the DAHANA Campus Auditorium, in Subang.


In his remarks, DAHANA’s President Director Wildan Widarman expressed his gratitude that this year the atmosphere of Ramadan and Eid that had been fading due to the pandemic could be returned. He also reminded DAHANA people to stay alert keep themselves and their families healthy, especially now that Indonesia is experiencing a transition season.


“This is something we should be grateful for, that our social life is returning to normal. However, this euphoria should not let us down.  Health protocols are maintained because the pandemic is not completely over. Let’s all obey the steps of the new normal life that the government is implementing in stages,” he said.


On this occasion, Wildan also said that in recent times, the company has experienced major events, such as the signing of the capital authorization deed followed by the launch of the Defense Industry SOEs Holding (DEFEND ID) by President Joko Widodo which marked DAHANA as a subsidiary under the holding company of DEFEND ID.


In addition to the launch, President Jokowi also inaugurated the Elemented Detonator Factory owned by DAHANA, which serves as the company’s strategy in realizing the independence of domestic explosives, and reducing dependence on imports. This can potentially save the country’s foreign exchange up to USD 6 million or equivalent to Rp. 87 billion per year.


“The presence of this factory also marks an increase in technological mastery and independence of detonator explosives from 35% to 80%. The increase in the domestic content value of this detonator also increased from 14% to 50%. Apart from that, its dual use of technology can also support the needs of commercial and military explosives. We also use this inauguration by the President as motivation to improve DAHANA’s high-quality products and services,” said Mr Widarman.


Mr Widarman also conveyed the condition of the company that was experiencing turbulence, and the improvement efforts in the spirit of “profitable expansion” and that all lines of the company should make positive results. Mr Widarman also hoped that the change in the new structure would make DAHANA people more prepared for all new challenges.


 “On behalf of the Management of PT DAHANA, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for the direction of the board of commissioners for the progress of DAHANA. And high appreciation for the contribution of employees and their commitment to bring back DAHANA’s glory,” concluded Mr Widarman.


Meanwhile, the President Commissioner of DAHANA who is also the Secretary General of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense Air Marshall TNI Donny Ermawan Taufanto, M.D.S. also gave messages and directions in his speech so that the moment of Halal Bihalal can be utilized by all DAHANA personnel to strengthen unity, not only for Muslims, but also for all employees regardless of their background.


“This goes with the direction of the Minister of SOEs which mandates that all SOE employees shall behave respectfully at work (respectful workplace policy). With the creation of a mutually respectful work environment, it is hoped that there will be no more discrimination against ethnicity, religion, race, group, or gender, so that in the end it can support the improvement of company performance to ensure PT Dahana can become a leading Indonesian company in the integrated explosives sector,” said Mr Taufanto.