PT DAHANA’s Social and Environmental Responsibility Unit (TJSL) provided sports facilities for the students of Karyasari Elementary School in Subang. The charity was handed over directly by the Assistant Manager of Corporate Communications of DAHANA, Ajis Nurjaman to the school which was represented by Taufik Ismail on Thursday, May 12, 2022 at Karyasari Elementary School in Cibogo, Subang.


During the handover of the aid, Mr  Nurjaman explained that PT DAHANA was committed to moving forward together with the Indonesian people, especially those living around the company. On that occasion, he said that in 2022, TJSL DAHANA is focusing on the education, the environment, and MSMEs.


“We are grateful that we are still given the opportunity to share, especially in efforts to improve educational facilities and infrastructure, so that the community, especially students around the company, can enjoy good school facilities, such as the sports facilities,” said Mr Nurjaman.


Mr Nurjaman also hoped that the sports facilities from DAHANA can be a trigger for students to start a healthy lifestyle from an early age and enjoy sports until adulthood. This is because, according to him, exercise is an important activity for humans to make sure they remain immune especially in the midst of this pandemic condition.


In addition to providing educational facilities and infrastructure, TJSL DAHANA also provides a Nursery Edu Park situated in DAHANA campus area, Subang. Nursery Edu Park, which was initiated by TJSL, can be a facility for Subang students in agriculture to learn how to do hydroponic farming by making the optimum use of the available land.


Nursery Edu Park is still active as a laboratory for  agriculture vocational students. Meanwhile, to improve the literacy of the community around the company, DAHANA also provides a DAHANA Reading Park (Taman Canda) which has a collection of hundreds books ranging from children’s books to the general interest books, in hoping that the people of Subang grow more interest in reading from an early age.


Apart from that, as Chair of the Subang District TJSL Forum, DAHANA is actively involved in providing environmental assistance, such as planting of mangrove seedlings on the north coast of Subang, which is expected to be a natural embankment which helps prevent tidal water from entering residential areas. In the MSME sector, DAHANA is listed as a company which is not only active in providing capital assistance, but also providing guidance, to assisting marketing in the global market.