PT DAHANA along with DEFEND ID attended the 2023 International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF) which was held at the Tuyap Fair Convention & Congress in Istanbul, Turkiye from 25 to 28 July 2023. Director of Technology and Development of DAHANA Suhendra Yusuf RPN directly led the DAHANA team for the Turkiye trip.

IDEF is an exhibition that features leading defense industry products from various fields such as Land Forces, Naval, Aviation and Aerospace, Transportation and Logistic Support Activities, and Security from world-renowned companies. IDEF 2023 is the 16th exhibition. In 2021, IDEF was attended by 1,238 exhibitors from 53 countries and 68,795 professional visitors from 94 countries.

DAHANA’s Director of Technology and Development Suhendra Yusuf RPN views IDEF 2023 as a strategic opportunity for DAHANA to expand its network in the global market and achieve the goal of forming the defense industry holding DEFEND ID, which is to penetrate the Top 50 Global Defense Company.

“This exhibition is an important momentum for the Company to be on a global level and play an important role in the global defense industry supply chain. This is DAHANA’s commitment to support the aspirations of DEFEND ID establishment. We also thank the Directorate General of Defense Potential of the Indonesian Ministry of Defense for facilitating DAHANA to be involved in this big exhibition,” said Mr Yusuf.

DAHANA, which is capable of performing dual-use of technology in manufacturing products for defense and commercial explosives, displays mock ups of various superior products including Bomb P Series (Bomb P 100 L, Bomb P 250 L, and Bomb P 500 L), Defense Rockets, Dayagel Series, Dabex, Dawagel, Accessories, and other explosives.

DAHANA’s active participation in this exhibition demonstrates the Company’s commitment to presenting the leading explosives technology and supporting various global defense needs.

“IDEF 2023 is also an important event for companies to show their existence on the international level, establish partnerships, and grow the potential to open up new collaboration opportunities in the future. Hopefully this activity can run smoothly until we return to our homeland, “concluded Mr Yusuf RPN.