SUBANG – PT DAHANA held a Health Talk webinar under the theme of “Physical & Mental Health” in order to increase employee awareness in maintaining both physical and mental health. The webinar featured dr. Kintan Nafasa via zoom meeting, on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

The committee from DAHANA’s Human Capital Development, Ezha Kurniasari WS said that mental and physical health is one of the factors in supporting employee productivity at work. Increasing employee awareness about health is important for achieving the Company’s goals.

“We hope that with the increased awareness of DAHANA’s employees in physical and mental health, especially in terms of their work and personal lives, DAHANA’s employee productivity in 2023 will be better than in previous years to make sure Company’s targets can be achieved in an optimum way,” said Mis Kurniasari.

Miss Kurniasari also explained that doctor Kintan Nafasa, in her presentation, delivered insightful information on the definition, causes, types, and strategies for prevention of Mental Health Disorder. In addition, dr. Nafasa also elaborated ways to manage mental health from the individual awareness up to the recommended Company’s steps to manage employee’s mental health.

Participants also seemed very enthusiastic as they raised questions about strategic steps that should be used by Companies to manage employee’s mental health and the best way of handling of occurrence of such issues and problems.

As a company engaged in the high-risk explosives industry, occupational health and safety issues are a serious concern for DAHANA for successful business operation. Every day before work, employees at the jobsite project hold a 5-minute meeting (P5M) to evaluate occupational health and safety.

Apart from that, DAHANA’s employees are also protected by various systems to support employee health. Last year DAHANA launched the QHSE (Quality Health, Safety and Environment) application to make it easier for employees to report working conditions allowing the policy makers to evaluate and provide appropriate solutions in term of maintenance of health, safety and the environment.