Following the dismissal and appointment of Director of Operations, PT DAHANA held a farewell and welcoming reception for the Director of Operations. The event was attended by the Board of Commissioners, Directors and employees. The farewell ceremony took place solemnly at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, on Tuesday, 10 January 2023.

DAHANA’s President Commissioner, Donny Ermawan, said that Bambang Agung’s, while serving at DAHANA, has demonstrated immense and remarkable service and dedication, both as an employee and as a director. The existence of Bambang Agung has helped DAHANA become a leading defense industry company in the explosives sector.

The President Director, Wildan Widarman, expressed his gratitude to Bambang Agung, who has dedicated his life at DAHANA for 20 years as an employee and 10 years as a director.

“We sincerely thank you for your contribution. I hope that Mr Agung will always stay in good health and success wherever you work. To Mr. Yusep Nugraha, welcome to the club, and congratulations on your appointment as the new Operations Director of PT DAHANA,” said Mr Widarman.

During the ceremony, Mr Widarman also revealed DAHANA’s achievements as the Company exceeded 2022 target amidst the uncertain situation and condition of the world economy. Mr Widarman stated that this achievement is inseparable from the support of shareholders, the Board of Commissioners, the Board of Directors and the hard work of all DAHANA’s people.

Meanwhile, on this occasion, Mr Agung also shared his experiences at DAHANA, both as an employee and as a director. Owing to his long experience, many related stories are so memorable. Mr Agung Agung is also a living witness and one of the actors in the company’s transformation efforts.

“Currently, DAHANA is making big leaps, DAHANA employees must be proud and prepared to maintain and improve DAHANA’s performance, Be Excellent,” said Mr Agung.