As a form of corporate responsibility toward aspects of social life and the environment, PT DAHANA’s Community Development special unit regularly and continuously assists regional development process, especially within the Subang Regency.

PT DAHANA (Persero) was intentionally invited by the Subang Regency Government to be a speaker at 2019 Subang Regency CSR Event held at the Nalendra Subang Hotel on December 9.

The CSR event was attended by the Subang Regent, H. Ruhimat. In his remarks, H. Ruhimat mentioned how important the Company’s CSR Program has been as an element that actively participates in accelerating the development process and progress of the area.

“In order to encourage a swifter development process, the Subang Regency Government has issued Regent Regulation Number 86 of 2019 on amendment to Regent Regulations Number 56 of 2017 on implementation of corporate social and environmental responsibility,” said H. Ruhimat in his remarks.

One of the addition in the regent’s regulation is the presence of a CSR Forum consisting of representatives from companies, academics, community leaders and regional officials in charge of planning.

H. Ruhimat pointed out that the purpose of establishing the CSR Forum was to facilitate company collaboration with the Subang Regency Government in order to accelerate the process of regional development in a more efficient way where targets are satisfactorily achieved.

On this occasion, the Chairman of PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Community Development Unit, Eman Suherman attended the event as a speaker, representing the company. In his discussion, Eman shared his experiences with participants from several companies in Subang Regency.

“DAHANA has committed to channelling the majority of CSR funds to be allocated in Subang Regency as a form of corporate responsibility to help develop the Subang area,” said Eman

DAHANA’s CSR program covers several important aspects, including assistance in the fields of education, health, public infrastructure, prayer houses, environmental preservation, and social community activities.

Eman also added that apart from the CSR program, DAHANA has a partnership program which helps develop MSME entrepreneurs in Subang Regency.

“In addition to CSR, DAHANA also has a partnership program where DAHANA embraces MSME entrepreneurs to become DAHANA’s fostered partners. There are several advantages for MSME entrepreneurs who have become DAHANA fostered partners, among others are assistance in the form of soft loans which can be benefitted as additional business capital in which the amount of the loan is adjusted to MSME entrepreneurs’ ability to pay, “concluded Eman. (rmt)