PT DAHANA (Persero)’s millenials initiated the idea for mobilization of assistance from DAHANA’s employees in helping ease the burden of the Jabodetabek flood casualties. The fundraising started Friday, January 3, 2020 at the DAHANA Head-offices (Campus) in Subang and the Jakarta DAHANA Office.

“What has moved us to mobilize the assistance in love and care. Unfavourable moments like these got us aware that we need to take care of each other, help one another, and ease one another, ” said Yumna Huda, one of Dahana’s millennials.

DAHANA’s Millennial Kids (Alena) appointed Ericka Noviananda as the person responsible for raising funds at the Subang office and Yumna Huda in the Jakarta Office. Ericka and Yumna collectd the donation by seeing DAHANA employees one by one in either Subang or Jakarta. In addition, they also had a relief account through BNI Number 0852 09 4444 under the name of Ericka Noviananda.

“Fundraising will be carried out for the next Sunday, we receive cash, clothes, and staple food,” Ericka said.

Floods rampaged Jabodetabek area, inundating main roads. Accesses to transportation were disrupted, several TransJakarta lines, KRL, and Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport were also submerged. In addition, rain that continued to fall in the Greater Jakarta area forced 31,323 residents from 158 urban villages to evacuate.

Floods occur due to high rainfall up to 377 millimeters in a long time, as well as huge flows of water originating from Bogor. Until now, some areas in Jabodetabek are still inundated, and some residents are not able to return home. (yz)