Running is a human physical activity which has existed since humans were created, and it has become one of the oldest sports in the world. As the world changes along the times, humans began to be spoiled with the existence of means of transportation, ranging from the use of animals to modern vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, trains, planes, ships, and so on. The existence of such transportation makes running an activity that humans do less.

But this in not for Teno Arief Prihanto, PT DAHANA (Persero)’s Assistant Manager for Material Planning and Procurement. Teno has been active in running for two years. Every day, before leaving home for work, he spends the time jogging. Running in the morning has many benefits: producing endorphin hormones that can release stress, making the body become fresher and fitter and protecting the body from various diseases.

“I go jogging in the morning before work in Subang,” Teno told Dfile.

Apart from his routine jogging schedule, Teno actively participates in community running activities, and he has participated in running activities in several events such as Jakarta Marathon 2018; Virgin Full Marathon, Bandung100 Ultra 2019: Ultra Trail Run, up to NusantaRun Chapter 7 2019; a charity event for students with disabilities from Wonogiri-Ponorogo. Teno said running makes it possible for him to travel to new places, meet new friends, and get new experiences.

“Take the NusantaRun for example. Runners don’t just run. They are required to get some donation with predetermined amount. You will not be able to start running if you fail to get the donation,” Teno explained.

Running activities often lead to of injury. This alumnus of the November 10 Institute of Technology suffered an ankle injury while participating in the Bandung100 Ultra 2019 run. Until he can still feel uncomfortable with the injury, yet this does not prevent him from taking another opportunity for running again and again.

“I had an ankle injury. It still feels painful, but I will never stop running,” Teno said.

Injury is common to runners, both beginners and professional athletes. Dfile noted that at least there are some things that must be considered before starting to run to avoid injury, such as warming up, choosing the right shoes and clothing, to preparing the body with nutritional intake.

PT DAHANA (Persero) as a state-owned enterprises engaged in the explosives industry has a concern for the health and fitness of its employees. In Subang or the Jakarta Office, DAHANA organizes a running community. The running activity for Subang is held every Tuesday afternoon, while in Jakarta every Wednesday afternoon .

Next year, Teno plans to take part in the Bandung100 Ultra, ITB Ultra, and NusantaRun Chapter 8.

Now, when will you start running in a competition? Make sure it is not a run-away from the problems of life!